Month: December 2018

Good Christian Living
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Lead a Good Christian Living

Jesus always teaches you to lead a good Christian living. Not only focus on your own life, but He also teaches how you live well with others. Somehow, leading a good Christian living is not as easy as it seems, but this simple guideline will help you find your way to God. The Bible Is […]

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Roman Catholicism
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Three Major Christianity Religion

Christianity religion believes in the life of Jesus Christ and dominates in the western culture with over 2 billion members worldwide. Here are three major Christianity religion in the world. Roman Catholicism The Roman Catholicism is the largest Christian group. There are more than a billion people who believe in Catholic religion spread around the […]

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Jesus is the God’s Son
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Things Christians Still Believe Until Today

Approximately 78% of Americans claim to be Christians. This varies to denominations and even between people. However, across these variations, there are several things that are still believed by the Christians until today. One God They believe that God is one deity composed by three different persons including the Father, the Son, and the Holy […]

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The Story behind the Christmas Traditions
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The Story behind the Christmas Traditions

People get excited when Christmas comes. You must feel the same thing, don’t you? For those who celebrated Christmas preparing the Christmas traditions is a must. There are many traditions prepared by every family when Christmas comes. The tradition might be different from one to another but it takes the same highlights for some things. […]

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