6 Principles of Christian According to Bible

6 Principles of Christian According to Bible

As a good Christian, there are 6 principles that should be adhered according to the Bible. It is important to know the basic principles of Christian that can be used as a guideline in life. It can help you to stay in your track and avoid any bad things that might give negative effects to your life. Here are 6 principles of Christian according to the Bible that you need to know.

1. Open-Minded
Christianity teaches to be open-minded and no bad feeling towards other people in life. It is a term needed to make a good relationship among Christians and other religions. By being open people, it is expected can support one member to another so that the harmony can be achieved.

2. High-Minded
High-minded is one of the principles that found in Christianity. A good Christian has to eager receiving rebuke from the others for a good reason. The rebuke is a sign of affection to make us better from the day before. Don’t ever think that a rebuke is an insulting act. You have to receive it as a way to make you stay on the right path.

3. Compassion
As teach by the Christ, you have to learn to forgive others no matter the circumstances. It is not merely for others but more for your sake. In life, we must face confrontation and clash. Sometimes, it is hard to forgive and continue to live. Compassion is the only way to grow to be a mature person because God has taught the same thing to his people.

4. Asking for Forgiveness
One of the greatest characters of Christian is ready to ask for forgiveness when making a mistake. Asking for forgiveness is not a weakness. On the other hand, it is a strength. It can bring peace and harmony into a relationship. Forgiveness can eliminate the feeling of hatred, anger, and bitterness from our life.

5. Don’t Judge by Yourself
It is not okay to judge and label others with bad things. We don’t allow making bad perception towards others. Judging people with bad words means labeling yourself with those words. God teaches us to love each other no matter their conditions. Sharing the love means to understand and see all human beings are the same under God’s eyes.

6. Caring and Loving
Care about others who in needs. Help them with anything that we can is much valuable than the jewelry itself. Showing affection by doing little actions can give huge different to the ending. Christianity teaches this in the Bible.

Every religion teaches about love and compassion, as well as Christian. The 6 principles of Christian according to Bible can help you to live a full life and stay close to God in a good way.