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Learning To Fish

Being Light Where We Live
Let The Whole World Hear!


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Evangelism - Our Daily Bread -

  We Need Eyes To See
  Learning To Fish
  Get Practical
  A Small But Powerful Seed
  A Heart Of Compassion
  He Had Never Heard
  ďDo Like He Done!Ē
  Snow Shovel Witness
  Social Stomachs
  Good Question
  Against The Flow
  Speaking Well Of Godís Son
  Brown Bag Witness
  Witnessing Smarter
  Supermarket Fishing
  Tell It Like It Is
  Get On With It!
  The Never-Ending Task
  Loving The Unlovely
Salvation - Our Daily Bread
  The Person And The Music
  Lost And Found
  He Knows Your Name
  Which Highway?
  Mirror Of The Heart
  Good Enough?
  Whereís This Bus Going?
  Unable To Sleep
  The Biggest Decision
  Life-Saving Choice
  The Search For God
  When The Lost Is Found
  The Way Made Plain
  A New Truth?
  Darwin Or Micah?
  The Highway To Heaven
  Revelation And Response
  Itís In The Books
  Itís Your Choice
  A Storm Is Coming
  A Complete Salvation

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