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Add Online Gospel Tracts to Your Site!

You are welcome to look at :  to see how we have used some of these cybertracts.

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You are welcome to add the below "Do You Know"  tract to your site:

Present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to your visitors. Download the "Do You Know" gospel tract in animated Flash format (View Tract). You may use the FREE multimedia "Do You Know" evangelistic tract for your organization's website. Easy to understand with animation and background music in wav. format, this evangelistic tract is a versatile tool to help your organization explain the gospel to your visitors. It is a great idea to supplement your visitation team, or a place to point people who have yet to understand your explanation of the gospel. This tract is a proven help to reach your community for Christ.

We provide 2 options in using this tract:

1. The easiest, but least preferred option is to link directly to the tract on OUR site.  With this option you place the below link anywhere on your site. If an individual makes a profession of faith in Christ and fills out OUR follow-up form, then we will send them literature and provide a list of churches for them to attend. Though the least preferred, this method does present the gospel, but is without the human touch of follow-up or discipleship. The "Do You Know" tract is intended only to be a tool of ministry and not relied upon to replace human follow-up. If this is your only option for now, then you may point the link on your site to

2. The preferred method is to load the tract itself on YOUR site for follow-up. This 22 page multimedia evangelistic tract is available for download right now! Created for YOUR ministry to do follow-up, this option is designed to allow you to customize your own form in accordance to your chosen method of follow-up. Your organization must have the capability of creating your own follow-up form and must name it "gospel.htm." The form must bear this name because the un-editable Flash file we have created links to a page by this name. In other words, once an individual leaves page 22 of the presentation, it will pull up a web page named "gospel.htm" that is on your site and in the same directory as the presentation. If such a form called "gospel.htm" does not exist, then it will pull up a page error. Your webmaster will hopefully be able to create this form for you. If you own Microsoft Front Page, then creating such a form will be especially easy. You may download the zip file now. Please see Flash helps at Macromedia's home site if you need further assistance in putting this Flash file on your site. 


1. Download the zip file from our site.

2. Unzip the file using WinZip or some other Unzip program. Please remember what directory you unzipped these files to so you can find them easily. 

3. You will then find 2 files in the directory to which you unzipped your files by the name of. A) doyouknow.html  B) doyouknow.swf.  The first file is the web page, and the second file is the movie that your web page must "call up."  These 2 files MUST be imported into the same directory on your website in order to work. So, if your website is then you will find the tract at 

4. Once you view the movie and arrive at p. 22, click the next button to take you to the follow-up form you created called "gospel.htm."  If you have not created this form, you will see an error message of some sort. See your webmaster or find help to create this form. It is worth this effort to reach many souls for Christ. Contact us for questions you may have. 

EE grants permission to various Web users to apply EE materials on their WEB pages with the understanding that they acknowledge that material is used with permission and that the EE address be given (as shown below); it should be stressed that this is for the WEB ONLY and does not include permission to print or commercially reproduce any copyrighted material. 


Evangelism Explosion International
P.O. Box 23820
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33307
(954) 491-6100
(954) 771-2256 FAX

This tract was designed by: ATierOne Web Design

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Find lots of great Evangelistic tools. Putting the Power of the Web to work for you
Add the Fish the Net search to your web site ~ Click Here to see how.

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