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Evangelistic Christian News & Articles - Archive

If You Want to Learn About Unbelievers, Listen to Them
The longer you're a believer, the less you think like an unbeliever. After you come to Christ, your interests and values change ...  Full Story... 

1,000-plus Youth Turn to Christ in Texas Outreach  
"I've never seen this many churches come together," said R.J. Holt, one of three Southern Baptist youth pastors in Tyler, Texas, whose initiative has yielded more than 1,000 professions of faith.   Full Story...     

Missionary's Witness Impacting World Through UN Community
Maria Teresa "Tess" Castaneda, an employee of the United Nations in Manhattan, had plenty of cause to grieve last year. She suffered the death of her father and more recently the loss of her possessions in an apartment fire.
  Full Story...  

Mardi Gras: Fertile Ground for Outreach 

Some think Christians are to Mardi Gras what oil is to water — they don't mix. But you won't convince an intrepid band of evangelists who recently worked the crowds in New Orleans. 
   Full Story...

It's a God thing' when nothing else can explain it
But God has surprised and challenged the modern mission movement with his passion for the lost, just as he surprised the early apostles who ended up evangelizing much of the Roman world. Where believers follow the New Testament pattern found in the Book of Acts, church planting movements are beginning to flower in seemingly rock-hard soil. As powerful and exciting as it may be, however, a church planting movement "is not an end in itself," cautions David Garrison of the Southern Baptist International Mission Board. "The end of all our efforts is for God to be glorified." 
Full Story...

Evangelism Training of Prisoners Becomes Doubtful Minister's Passion
Ralph Chapman said he was not cut out for prison ministry. "When those doors slammed behind me, it just did something to me," said Chapman, director of missions in Oklahoma's Beckham-Mills Baptist Association.  Then God changed his heart.  Now in his second semester teaching "Evangelism Explosion" (EE) to inmates at the North Fork Correctional Facility in Sayre, Chapman said he can't wait to get to the prison every Monday.  Full Story...

Distributing the Word of God is Hard Work -- with Great Potential
Many years ago in a small town in a developing Caribbean nation, a 19-year-old college student was given a free Bible by a lady missionary.  This young man liked to read very much. He was in a stage in life where he was searching for knowledge. He was on an idealistic quest for the instruction manual for life. When he got home late at night he decided to get a taste of this new book and began to read...  Full Story...  

50 New Missionaries Sent Forward to Share 'Power of God Unto Salvation'
...God is calling people with many different skills to missionary service overseas, but the only ability that matters is God's power to reveal Jesus to a lost and dying world, Southern Baptists' newest missionaries were told Jan. 23 in Augusta, Ga... 
Full Story... 

Seminarian Helps Troubled Youth Find Answers, Hope at YMCA 

Twenty-five-year-old Jeff Kukuk isn't much older than the inquisitive teens he ministers to every week at a shelter house in downtown Louisville, Ky.  Full Story... 

Ministry Touched Prisoners, Disaster Victims, Countless Others 

It's the mid 1970s and John Hopkins is in a Topeka, Kan., truck stop with Richard Melton, a man who had just been released from prison and was trying to get a fresh start with his life.
Full Story... 

Evangelist's Near-Death Experience Touches Thousands of Lives

Mickey Robinson found God after surviving horrendous accident. People who hear evangelist Mickey Robinson testify to a God who saves can literally see the truth of it in his face. The Franklin, Tenn.-based preacher still bears the scars from a horrific accident that dramatically changed his life.  Full Story... 

Christian Club Banned from Michigan High School 

A Michigan high school booted a Christian club off campus for being religious. But a couple of members are fighting for the rights of future students. 
Full Story...  

Woodworking ministry breaks down barriers

Community, hope, renewal, inspiration, self-esteem, truth. Those are the words Duane Sich uses to describe a unique ministry that reaches out to homeless people in Vancouver. Friends of the Carpenter, a non-profit, ecumenical organization Sich founded two years ago, takes trained volunteers into homeless shelters and uses the simple activity of woodworking to break down barriers and begin building friendships.
Full Story...

Salvation -- Cowboy-Style  
A century ago Grant Adkisson's great-granddaddy swept into Colorado on a gold rush wave. Today, a higher form of treasure keeps the fourth generation Adkisson here in Denver.  Full Story...

Fishing on the Net
by Andrew Careaga
A teenage boy who uses the handle "CyberPhreakkk" when he logs on to the Internet often frequented a Christian chat room, but not to fellowship with believers online. As he explains on his World Wide Web site, CyberPhreakkk had other motives... 
     Full Story...   

Stuck in Elevator, Student Shares Faith with S.African Airline Pilot
Jenny Bressel really didn't know what to expect at her first evangelism conference as she headed to Omaha for a couple of days with her youth group from First Southern Baptist Church of Salina, Kan.  Full Story...

Navy Chaplain Ousted
A former military chaplain is fighting to return to the service, alleging religious persecution by the U.S. Navy. Full Story...  
The Church’s New Pulpit 
Survey Finds Churches Becoming Web Savvy 
Full Story...  

Child's 'Miraculous' Recovery Leads Accident Witnesses to Christ 

Southern Baptist missionaries are praising God for the amazing healing of a child who was hit by their car and presumed dead. The child's remarkable recovery has opened doors to share the gospel with those who saw the accident.  
Full Story...

Cyber-spirituality: more popular than eBay?

    by Andrew Careaga 

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