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  • Christian Mirror
    The web-zine for the Christian woman.
    (Added: Mon Mar 12 2001 Hits: 39 Rating: 0.00  Votes: 0)   Rate It   Review It
  • Christian Soulmates - for Christian Singles!
    Join thousands of christian singles network with chat, email, instant messaging, voice intros, discussion boards, detailed profiles, buddy lists, and MORE!!
    (Added: Tue Jun 26 2001 Hits: 94 Rating: 10.00  Votes: 2)   Rate It   Review It
  • Christian women's magazine - Webzine for the Christian Woman
    Christian women's e-zine for those who enjoy reflecting upon God's word and His awesome glory: wonderful source for spiritual health and wellness, Christian advice, Bible study, articles, poetry, inspiration for mothers, prayer requests, recipes, free electronic greeting cards, Christian bookstore, free e-mail, and much more.
    (Added: Thu May 31 2001 Hits: 100 Rating: 0.00  Votes: 0)   Rate It   Review It
  • Faith and Humor
    If you like receiving clean jokes, Christian humor, anecdotes or inspirational messages via email, please join our little group. This kind of stuff flies over the web every day. However, in the Faith-n-Humor group, we will try to edit the material we receive and send out only the best stuff. Not only can you access the archive of jokes and stories at the Faith-n-Humor web site, but you can also check out the humorous photos and links we’ll be collecting and cataloging.
    (Added: Fri Aug 03 2001 Hits: 81 Rating: 8.33  Votes: 3)   Rate It   Review It
  • Gods Warrior Web Magazine
    What is Spiritual warfare. Keys to success in prayer. Deliverance from bondage. The message of salvation
    (Added: Thu Aug 22 2002 Hits: 8 Rating: 0.00  Votes: 0)   Rate It   Review It
  • Grace Centered Magazine
    Grace Centered Magazine is a monthly publication for Christians. It's contents include ways to witness, and ways for your church to reach out to those trapped in legalism.
    (Added: Wed Jan 24 2001 Hits: 25 Rating: 0.00  Votes: 0)   Rate It   Review It
  • Ministries Today Magazine
    Presented by Strang Communications, a multi-media communications company focused on spreading the name and fame of Jesus throughout the world through the mass media.
    (Added: Tue Jan 25 2000 Hits: 65 Rating: 0.00  Votes: 0)   Rate It   Review It
  • Minutes With Messiah
    Articles of Christian and Jewish interest, updated monthly.
    (Added: Fri Jan 25 2002 Hits: 10 Rating: 0.00  Votes: 0)   Rate It   Review It
  • Ncubator Christian Resource Directory
    Christian articles, Bible search and the Ncubator Directory of Christian Sites with 100+ categories. But that's only part of the story! Four times each month a new edition brings you more of the insights and commentary, the news and views written by our team of pastors, church and worship leaders, and folks with a heart for God.
    (Added: Wed Feb 13 2002 Hits: 23 Rating: 0.00  Votes: 0)   Rate It   Review It
  • is a new youth discipleship Web site from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association! Check it out!
    (Added: Thu Jul 13 2000 Hits: 90 Rating: 10.00  Votes: 1)   Rate It   Review It
  • People of the Bible
    People of the Bible allows you to: 1) Learn about people of the Bible. 2) Read words of wisdom. 3) Search for Christian jobs. 4) Subscribe to People of the Bible newsletter. 5) Access resources for Christian Singles. 6) Access resources for Married and Single Parent Christians. 7) Share poetry family friendly poetry. 8) Participate in drawings for prizes.
    (Added: Sat Sep 20 2003 Hits: 0 Rating: 0.00  Votes: 0)   Rate It   Review It
  • RoseBouquet
    RoseBouquet - provides updates on the novel and web site of Ruthe's Secret Roses. It has Refreshing Dew inspirational articles), Found Petals (good links to visit), and Rose profiles - which could be of you, if you become a friend of the editor. :) which is easy! Note: Although Subscriber ads are not used in the usual sense, subscribers do get profiled, and their links recommended.
    (Added: Tue Aug 07 2001 Hits: 15 Rating: 10.00  Votes: 1)   Rate It   Review It
  • Spirit-Touch Christian Magazine
    A magazine dedicated to bringing awareness to the body of Christ by educating people to the fact of who they truly are in Christ.
    (Added: Thu Jul 24 2003 Hits: 3 Rating: 0.00  Votes: 0)   Rate It   Review It
  • The J Man Times
    Current events seen through a glass, darkly. Also, Rapture and End Times articles.
    (Added: Tue Mar 07 2000 Hits: 80 Rating: 9.00  Votes: 1)   Rate It   Review It
  • The Timothy Report
    Subscribe to two e-mail newsletters: (1)Timothy Report, a weekly e-mailing containing stories, illustrations, poems, quotations (2) CQDaily, daily e-mailing of Christian quotations of encouragement. Also, archives of the newsletters.
    (Added: Thu Sep 28 2000 Hits: 54 Rating: 9.00  Votes: 1)   Rate It   Review It
  • Third Verse is a site maintained for the purpose of sharing some thoughts, resources and some Bible studies as well as stimulating some conversation on, and additional study of, various topics of Christian interests.
    (Added: Fri Jun 29 2001 Hits: 28 Rating: 10.00  Votes: 1)   Rate It   Review It
  • This Could Be The Day
    TCBTD is on the WWW to reach seekers with the Gospel & to help Beleivers to walk closer to Christ.
    (Added: Sat Sep 30 2000 Hits: 38 Rating: 0.00  Votes: 0)   Rate It   Review It
  • Treasures of the Snow
    A monthly ezine featuring inspirational stories, poems, Bible studies, and lots of good news. Also included are fascinating articles on Creation and Bible accuracy.
    (Added: Fri May 10 2002 Hits: 13 Rating: 0.00  Votes: 0)   Rate It   Review It
  • Weekly Christian Letter E-zine
    Weekly E-zine with Christian writings, Bible verses, and challenges that exercise us Spiritually.
    (Added: Mon Nov 06 2000 Hits: 36 Rating: 0.00  Votes: 0)   Rate It   Review It
  • Write To Inspire!
    Excellent Resources and Tips for Inspirational and Christian Writers
    (Added: Mon Aug 13 2001 Hits: 25 Rating: 0.00  Votes: 0)   Rate It   Review It

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