Qanon Conspiracy That Spreads Among Christians

Qanon Conspiracy That Spreads Among Christians

Qanon Conspiracy That Spreads Among Christians – Recently, Christians and even general public are disturbed by the fast-spreading issue of Qanon conspiracy. There is no proofs or evidences to support the conspiracy, yet more people believe in this theory. To understand how dangerous this Qanon theory is, public should know the definition, the target and its impacts.
– Qanon Conspiracy Claims
The initiator of this theory takes the name Q. This person first posted on the bulletin board called 4chan on 2017. He presented a theory about how current US President Donald Trump is in the middle of a mission to reveal a pedophile ring. After three years, Qanon conspiracy is also cited to explain the most recent global pandemic.

The conspiracy could no longer be abandoned, especially after congress candidate from Georgia praises Q as a hero. The candidate explains that no one is brave enough to speak up the truth except for Q. Soon after, five other congress candidates from different region shows their support for Qanon.

– Easy Targets for Qanon
Considering its immense growth of believer numbers, Qanon conspiracy theory must have reached to the heart of its target, thus it is used as the base to answers the unanswered questions. The demographic data of Qanon believers is dominated by millennials. They are heavy users of social media, so they are easily lured to such claim.

Moreover, these millennials Christians are alienated from the society. Thus, once they found virtual group who share their view, they immediately become loyal followers. The condition is even worse now that people do not trust news sites anymore. It is believed that these media are controlled by the controlled by RNG.

– Qanon Impacts
In a glance, Qanon conspiracy theory looks like political belief, but its analysis is taken from the Bible verses. This is why many Christian leaders and churches are so worried about its impact. The pattern is similar to syncretism, where the Christian beliefs are blended with several other practices. It has been reported that Qanon triggers violence acts and higher threats rate.

Qanon conspiracy should have been an empty claim, as no real evidence could be presented by the originator. Unfortunately, the combination of unsettled political environment, the nature of critical thinking and the lack of religious understanding makes people easily fall into the trap. The number of Qanon conspiracy believers keep rising and immediate actions should be taken.

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