The Facts about Christian That you Should Know

The Facts about Christian That you Should Know

In Indonesia, Christian belongs to the official religion besides Islam, Buddha, Catholic, and Hindu. There are two main branches of Christian in Indonesia. They are Protestant and Catholic. As one of the main religion in the world, it is better for you to know the facts about Christian that can make a correct understanding. There are the facts about Christian that you should know.

– The Order of the Bible
Bible is a Christian scripture. There is a right order of the Bible as the main source of God’s light. The orders are New Testament and the Old Testament. The New Testament consists of The Historical Books Matthew-Acts, Paul Epistles Romans-Philemon, Hebrews, General Epistles James-Jude and Revelation. The Old Testament covers The Torah Genesis-Deuteronomy, The Historical Books Joshua-Esther, and The Poetical Books Job-Song of Solomon, The Major Prophets, and The Twelve Minor Prophets.

– The Age of Bible
One of the amazing facts is the Bible was written for 1,500 years and it recorded had 40 authors. The oldest Bible was recorded written by Moses on 1400 BC. It is less 3,400 years ago. The newest version, Revelation was written on 90 AD.

– The Bible is written on 3 continents
There are three continents used as a place to write the Bible. They are Asia, Africa, and Europe. Some passage part of the Bible was written in Israel, another was written in Egypt and the other was written in some cities in Europe.

– The Library of Life
The bible is the library of life. You can find any issues in the bible. It is like a collection of various books in one place. The writing process of the Bible takes a long time. It experienced improvements in the process. It helps you to understand any issue from theological view and aspects.

– The Ten Commandments
The Bible teaches Ten Commandments that can be a good pillar to be a good Christian. There are four commandments which are relating to God. They are no other God, no images, don’t misuse God’s name and remember the Sabbath day. There is one commandment which related to the relationship with our parents. It is honoring your parents. The last 5 commandments are related with the sins. They are don’t murder, don’t commit adultery, don’t steal, don’t lie and don’t covet.

There are the facts about Christian that you should know. This information can be used as an enlighten in our life.