The Story behind the Christmas Traditions

The Story behind the Christmas Traditions

People get excited when Christmas comes. You must feel the same thing, don’t you? For those who celebrated Christmas preparing the Christmas traditions is a must. There are many traditions prepared by every family when Christmas comes. The tradition might be different from one to another but it takes the same highlights for some things.
Have you wondered the story behind the Christmas traditions? Why there is a Santa Claus, Christmas wreath, stocking above the fireplace and more? To find out the answer, read the information below.

Santa Claus
Most people called it Santa, the father of Christmas. His character described as an old man with chubby cheeks, red-nose, white beard, and a potbelly. He wears red costumes with black boots and red-long hat. He will down from his carriage which pulled by his deer and comes to each house to deliver the presents.

Santa Claus is one of the most popular Christmas traditions that still alive until today. Have you known the story behind the existence of Santa Claus? The story of Santa existed since the 4th century. The person behind the story of Santa is Saint Nicholas. He was born in the village called Patara in Greece. Saint Nicholas is famous for its kindness and love to children. He likes to give gifts to the children and poor through the window to give them happiness.

Christmas Wreath
Another Christmas traditions should exist in the Christmas celebration is Christmas Wreath. We can see people that play hang the Christmas wreath in the door or wall. We also can see the wreath placed on the table with the candles around it. The Christmas wreath made of evergreen holly and red berries.

The story behind it is that the evergreen holy believed as a sign of eternity. The evergreen holy stay green in the winter and survive from the cold of winter. It symbolizes as a hope that there is a new bright life after the cold season. The wreath is made in a circle shape. It means that no ending and beginning in God’s love. It is an eternal love.

Socks or Stockings
The story behind the hanging socks on the fireplace is because Saint Nicholas threw gold coins down to the chimney and it goes into the socks. The poor sisters tend to dry their socks by hanging them on the fireplace. That time when Saint Nicholas spot the socks and decided to throw some gold through the chimney. The news makes people in the village try to hang their socks on the fireplace so that the same luck can pass to them.

Now, you can understand the story behind the Christmas Traditions that might be you are wondered all the time. Christmas is a special moment to celebrate the joy and blessings with people around you. Hope you can inspire from this story and share the spirit of Christmas to others!