Things Christians Still Believe Until Today

Jesus is the God’s Son

Approximately 78% of Americans claim to be Christians. This varies to denominations and even between people. However, across these variations, there are several things that are still believed by the Christians until today.

One God
They believe that God is one deity composed by three different persons including the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It can confusing but it is written on the Bible.

World is Created by God
This world is created by God within six days, and He rest in the seventh to bless them all. Among the creations, man is the most prized one.

Jesus is the God’s Son
Christians believe that Jesus was born from a virgin, crucified, and He rose within three days so human sin will be forgiven.

The Bible
The bible is Christian’s holy book. It is believed to be God’s inspired words. It contains history of the religion and it guides the Christians’ life until today.

Christians believe that since he was born, a man is in sin. It is what separates man from God. Only by his faith and God’s salvation, human will be saved.

The Salvation
Salvation is possible as long as someone repents his sin. Then, a man should believe in Jesus sacrifice, death, and resurrection.

The Afterlife
Christians believe that the final destinations are Heaven and Hell. People who are saved will go to Heaven. And people who refuse to repent will be sent to Hell.

Angels and Demons
Christians believe that angels and demons are in constant war for human souls. While angels strive to further God’s work, the demons try to take away humans from God.

How Christians carry their daily life can be various depending on the denominations and personal preference. Yet, these eight things are in constant reminder of their belief.