Three Major Christianity Religion

Roman Catholicism

Christianity religion believes in the life of Jesus Christ and dominates in the western culture with over 2 billion members worldwide. Here are three major Christianity religion in the world.

Roman Catholicism
The Roman Catholicism is the largest Christian group. There are more than a billion people who believe in Catholic religion spread around the world with the five countries that most dominant are Italy, Mexico, Philippines, Brazil and the United States. Roman Catholicism believes in the Bible, Baptism, Go’s Ten Commandments and The Holy Trinity (God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit). The Roman Catholic Church is based in the Vatican City and lead by Bishop of Rome or as known as the Pope, the successor to Saint Peter, the first pope in the Catholic church. One of from the seven sacraments is the Eucharist which is celebrated in the Mass. Virgin Mary is the mother of God and being venerated by the Roman Catholic Church which means Catholics will pray and respect her. One of the most well-known prayer for Virgin Mary called the Hail Mary.

Eastern Orthodoxy
The Eastern Orthodox Church or usually known as The Orthodox Catholic Church has no governance authority similar to the Roman Catholic Pope. The orthodox church shared communion with the Roman Catholic Church until AD 1054 due to the disagreements of the doctrines. Most of the Orthodox Christians live in Greece, Eastern Europe and Caucasia. Same as the Roman Catholic Church, the Orthodox Catholic Church believes in seven major sacraments. The religion nowadays can be found across the world with approximately around 225 million believers.

As the second largest form of Christianity group, Protestantism has around 900 million members. In the 16th century, the reformation has made as the movement against the rules in the Roman Catholic Church. Protestants don’t believe in the sacraments and papal authority. Protestants have their own culture and don’t have a central human authority like in the Roman Catholic Church. Protestants believe in worshiping only God and not believe in venerating Saints. There are many Protestants families such as Adventists, Anabaptists, Anglicans, Methodist, Evangelical and many more.

Even though there are some differences in the doctrines and culture between these three religions, all of these religions believe in God has the unlimited power and Jesus Christ sacrifices his life for the sins of the world and rose again. They also believe that it is important to worship God in their daily life.