After Hagia Sophia, Turkey Turns a Church into a Mosque Once Again

After Hagia Sophia, Turkey Turns a Church into a Mosque Once Again – Turkey has been under the spotlight since converting Hagia Sophia into a mosque in 2018. Christians around the world are still very disappointed at this decision, and yet, the president ordered a change of church into a mosque once again despite the disappointment.
– Converting Chora Church into a Mosque
Turkey’s government is still blamed for turning a world-heritage cathedral, Hagia Sophia, into a mosque called Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque. Again, the government made a shocking decision on August 21, 2020 that they will turn a church into a mosque once again. Istanbul’s church of the Holy Savior in Chora, also known as Kariye, will be opened as a Muslim prayer.
The former Kariye church has a similar structure and history to Hagia Sophia. It was first built as a church in the 4th century. The church was converted into a mosque called Kariye Mosque in 1500-1945 after the Ottomans conquered the city and the name of the church was also changed to Kariye Camii.

However in 1945, the mosque was changed into a museum by the government and the name changed again to Kariye Muzesi. In late 2019, the government ordered the museum to be converted back into a mosque and in August 2020, the status was finally changed.

Reaction from Locals and People Around the World
The decision is quite shocking because it was announced during the coronavirus pandemic. One of the sources stated that the president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, made this decision to gain the support of both conservatives and nationalists. At the same time, however, the decision stirred new problems among Catholics and Orthodox people around the world. The locals also voiced their thoughts and stated that they couldn’t understand about the conversion and it would bring shame since the building is one of the world’s heritage. Playing progressive Slot at may give you a problem as well because you can get a great jackpot.

The decision to turn the church into a mosque has angered Catholics and the Orthodox around the world. Some also believe that the decision puts a shame on their country. On the other hand, some locals approve this decision and wait for the official time when they can pray in the mosque itself.

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