Beautiful Christian Name For You Beautiful Baby Girl


The name is very important since it represents your identity and uniqueness. There are lots of ways to name your baby girl and one of them is by giving her a Beautiful Christian Name. Giving the Christian name for your baby girl will encourage a positive and meaningful life ahead.

Abigail is originally a Hebrew name that is mentioned in the bible. The meaning of the name itself is the father’s joy or father rejoiced. In the Bible, Abigail is described as a beautiful and sensible woman in 1 Samuel 25 and 1 Chronicles 2:15. By naming your baby girl Abigail, you hope that she will become a joy of your life as she lives as a beautiful and sensible woman like in the bible.

Chloe is from the Greek name and it is mentioned once in 1 Corinthians 1:11. The name Chloe itself is believed to come from the word chloros or chlorophyll and chloroform. This green pigment is very helpful for the plant growth and since the name Chloe is believed to come from it, the meaning of this name is blooming or young green shoot. By naming your baby girl Chloe, it is hoped that the baby will grow as a beautiful woman and bring great benefits to the surroundings.

The last beautiful name that you can use for naming your baby girl is Eva. Eva itself means life or life-giver and it is derived from the Latinate form of Eve. Eva is the first woman mentioned in the bible and the second women created, the name Eva is mentioned a lot in the bible.

Giving a beautiful Christian name for your beautiful baby girl is a must to give a sense of meaning in her life as the true meaning of the name itself. Also, giving the Christian name will give the Christian faith for your baby girl.