Guidelines of Christian Living: How to Find God in All Things

Guidelines of Christian Living, How to Find God in All Things

Guidelines of Christian Living: How to Find God in All Things – As a good Christian, you may go to church every Sunday, pray every day and join some Christian community. But sometimes, you feel like there is an emptiness in your heart, you are wondering if God hears your prayers and where to find God when you need. Based on Ignatian Spirituality, here are some guidelines to find God in your daily life.

– Write Journal
Christianity journal is different from the journal that you probably made when you were a teenager. Writing a journal that tells what happened in your life that day and explore what you feel with the things that happened today will help you to realize the presence of God. Journal will also be helpful when you are in your difficult times, you could read it again to give you the strength.

– Awareness
If you are being more aware in whatever happened in your life, you will realize that God is everywhere with you. You could find God from the greetings from your neighbour in the morning when you go to work or from the child who laughs happily with the father on the way to school or even a good morning and how are you text from your family. You will realize that the small things happened is God’s presence in your life.

– Listen
Listen to someone’s problem or struggle is important but it is more important if you really listen, don’t judge and give advice if he or she asked you to. Sometimes people only need someone to listen to them and it will make them feel better. Listen also to your surroundings, the sound of nature. You will be surprised that you will find peace only by listening.

– Places to Find God
It’s not a physical place such as the church to find God. Lots of people finding God in their relationship could be with friends, family or their spouse. You also could find God in your loneliness, happiness or in your sickness. You could find God at work, you could ask yourself: if what you do for a living now for a good purpose?

Remember that God always listens and answers every prayer. Sometimes the answer is Yes, or No and you will get something better or Wait for the right time. We will need to always believe and listen of what God trying to say to us. By being aware of God’s presence in our daily life, our life will be more meaningful.