Kinds of Spiritual Gift in Christianity

Kinds of Spiritual Gift in Christianity

Kinds of Spiritual Gift in Christianity – Spiritual gift is basically special gift from God to the chosen ones. In Christian, there are 3 kinds of spiritual gift that they believe. To look deeper about each kind of spiritual gift, let us take a look at these kinds of gift itself.

– Ministry Gift
Ministry gift is kind of Gift of the Holy Spirit. It is something holy and sacred, unlike gift you receive after signing up in an online gambling site like and they believe that people who got this special gift of ministry are chosen by God. God works on him in another way. It is possible for the chosen one to serve people around him and to always have high ability of understanding others need. Usually this special gift related to love, grace, and also truth that come from God from another human.

This special ability of Holy Spirit enables the chosen people to be:

  • Apostles
  • Prophets
  • Pastors
  • Evangelists
  • Teachers
  • Helpers

The essence of this kind of spiritual gift is in the ability of understanding and helping others in need. In other word they will be able to help or empower other people with his special ability from God.

– Manifestation Gift
The chosen ones with this manifestation gift are the people who able to make a hidden messages with its miracle power. Sometimes they just say what about to happen, and they are not realize that they said is a prophecy. Their message sometimes also considered as a message of wisdom with miraculous power.

They also can talk with another spirit with another tongue. They can interpret what other people cannot interpret it. In further, they also has power from the Holy Spirit to help others in need and has limitation. When you ask them for help, they will easily understand you and give you some wisdom messages that really match with what your soul needs.
For them who has this kind of special gift, they are able o be:

  • A wisdom messenger
  • Faith
  • A knowledge messenger
  • Healer
  • Prophecy
  • Talk between one spirit and another
  • Speaking with different kinds of tongue
  • Interpret different kind of tongue

But sometimes people with this kind of ability do not realize that actually they can help others with their special gift. Otherwise, they will have their own perspective about this life and underestimating their own life. This is one of the biggest challenge for the chosen ones to fulfill their destiny with their special gifts. Helping is being their focus, but choosing the right one to be helped is sometimes not easy to do.