Simple Christian Golden Rule in Biblical Meaning

Christian Golden Rule in Biblical Meaning

Simple Christian Golden Rule in Biblical Meaning – Golden rule is simple. It is how you treat other people as the way you want to be treated by others. For some reasons, you have to forgive everyone like you want everyone to forgive you. You can also read this simple Golden Rule in Luke 6:31, “Do others as you would have them do to you.” That is a basic thought that some of you might forget about. Further about golden rule in Christianity.

1. Golden Rule at a Glance
Golden rule is the popular way to follow what Jesus taught. In Christian, people really believe that the essence of life is to love. Meanwhile, some other people are still being so cruel to the other. We should treat people nicely, but it doesn’t count cruelty when you beat other player in online betting at site. Here is the essence of Golden rule for our life.

  • Empathy and Dignity
    To follow the rules, you must understand that empathy is very important thing to understand others. Before you really know what is really happening, do not judge anyone. Even if sometimes it feels like you are angry to someone, still your empathy and dignity based on those Golden Rules make you stronger and be wiser when taking decision.
  • Following Commandments of God
    Based on the commandment of God, you should follow the rules of forgiving and treat others as you want to be treated. This simple way would make your life better than before. Some people has their own opinion that the rules is very theological, but then following the rules will make you understand of the simple way of golden rule in Christianity.

Based on these rules, many people believe that God always guide all the way His children take a way. While you have interaction to others, you have to realize that you should treat them as good as you can.

2. Importance of Following the Rules
To follow this simple rules is not always an easy way. It requires though and willingness from the heart to accept all of the wisdom you get. Compare with all rules in the world, golden rules in Christianity emphasizing in how people forgive and to make the world as a better place to live.

This also the good way to overcome the evil by being a good person and understand other people so you as a human being also get the best way to be a good person. In other words, people must have empathy and stop being foolish wish for their whole life. Self-control is also one of the most important key to success applying these simple golden rules.